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MK Points 


MK points are for our trusted customers that knows the quality of our products and visits and recommends other people to our website.

You can earn MK points by registration, for being a yearly member, referrals with your own speciale link or buying points.

Can you buy points to buy our products. You can! You can buy points with PayPal or pay by bank transfer. Be sure you are logged in. Transfer of points takes 1 – 3 working days.

We recommend New Customers to buy our products via the regular payment. Once you know our product, you can use the points as a way to buy our items.

1 MK Point = 1 euro
10 MK Points = 10 euro

Our regular customers use this as a way to save up for their hair.

If you are new to the MK points. Please, read our Terms & Conditions or contact us and we will inform you more.

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